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One question I’m often asked is how to turn off, how to get more free time, or simply how to leave work at work.  This was challenging in our 24-7 world prior to the pandemic, but is even more challenging now that lines between work and personal life are even more blurred.  Many people work where they live or work a flexible schedule.  Boundaries have broken down.

The first thing you need to know:  It’s largely up to you; while many workplaces are great about having programs and offering flexibility, they don’t know the ins and outs of your life in whole or what matters most to you.  So give some thought about what you can change first.

The second thing you need to know:  This looks different for everyone.  While you can get ideas from others, you may choose to do things differently and that’s OK.

The third thing you need to know: Perfect doesn’t exist.  Even with the best plan in place, there will be days the unexpected happens. Things come up at work, kids get sick, opportunities pop up; approach your plan with flexibility in mind.  Putting too many boundaries in place is the same as not having enough.  It won’t be the outcome you want.

There are many different areas you can look at it to help you get started.  Do you  need to be more organized at work so you can increase productivity?  Can you work with your team to share some of the load so you don’t feel like it’s all on you?  Do you have an ‘end of day’ process that will help you get set up for the next day so you aren’t stressing at night?  Can you gain clarity on expectations so you don’t feel like you are always in ‘work mode’ or ‘on call’?

Ultimately, leaving work at work is part of your larger Balance Plan and works hand in hand with your mindset and boundaries. Let’s talk if you want to get started.



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