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Finding Fulfillment on all Fronts

with Laurie Gery

Regain a sense of control in the constant overwhelm.

Do you ever feel like?…

  • You can’t catch your breath
  • You’re trying to juggle too much
  • Your career isn’t where you want it to be
  • You are on a speeding train and you can’t get off
  • You are a bystander in your own life vs the director

You are not alone in feeling…

  • Frustrated, impatient
  • Tired, not good enough
  • A failure, bummed out
  • Impatient with your kids, family, co-workers
  • You’re constantly behind the eight ball at work
  • Can’t focus because you’re pulled in a million directions all the time

Introducing… The Balance Plan®

Find fulfillment on all fronts

The Three C’s to Unstoppable Balance


Give yourself permission to define what you want and how to take action on it.


Setting up your areas of focus and what matters most.


Building your plan and executing it.

Experience the Payoffs!

  • Self-confidence
  • Ownership
  • Strength
  • Structure
  • Growth 
  • Energy

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Hi, meet Laurie Gery

Laurie Gery is the founder of The Balance Plan®, a personal and career growth coach and speaker. As a valuable leader in the team building space, Laurie has taken over 20 years of high-level experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and instilled it into simple, yet easy-to-learn techniques for her coaching clients to build successful careers for themselves.

Her commitment to success, health and wellness, and processes that work are evident in her own personal success as a vice president and 6-figure income earner. Her determination and commitment to others experiencing the life that she has had the great fortune to live are clear, as she mentors those she serves. Laurie has worked with high-performing sales teams and individuals as a coach with over six years of experience.

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