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Meet Laurie Gery!

Laurie Gery is the founder of The Balance Plan®, a personal and career growth coach and speaker. As a valuable leader in the team building space, Laurie has taken over 20 years of high-level experience in the corporate industry and instilled it into simple, yet easy to learn techniques for her coaching clients to build success for themselves.

Committed and Determined

Her commitment to success, health and wellness and processes that work is evident in her own personal success as a vice president and 6-figure income earner.
Her determination and commitment to others experiencing the life that she has had the great fortune to live is clear, as she mentors those she serves. Laurie has worked with high performing teams and individuals as a coach with over six years experience.

Where your story begins.

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Together we can identify what matters most and formulate a unique plan to get there!

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